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"An artist’s soul is revealed through her art. We are surrounded by an innocent nature that has a deep influence in our lives. Raw colors, vibrant sound, flavors and emotions are intensely observed. Immersed in this atmosphere, my art is transferred simply to a canvas where I try to make it appear alive."

I started my career as a graphic designer, worked full-time in the newspaper and advertising field for nine years. I have been an art director, formed my own graphic design studio in Ecuador, and have been freelancing for twenty years since we moved to Florida.

Life took me through paths that I never imagined going through, but I enjoyed them so much and they complemented my professional experience. I have taught graphic design to university students, finger-painted with Pk-3 toddlers, and taught art history and painting to teenagers and the elderly. I believe that teaching is an activity that enriches both the students and my-self.

In addition to my career as a designer and a teacher, I have been a visual artist for over twenty years. Painting is my passion and a way to express feelings and emotions, which is important for people of all ages. With this in mind, I have been able to offer my students the ability to use painting as a therapy.

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